About GSC

Our Story

Goalscorer Challenge started as a simple game between me and a friend in 2010, each trying to guess who would score that weekend.

The next season, I decided to ask a few friends if they wanted to play too. A few became 80 and the year after the game grew to 130 people. Everything was at that time being done on a spreadsheet, with every player's pick being entered in manually each week. This meant any further expansion was infeasible and so this website was created.

The beauty of GSC lies in its simplicity. Football is about scoring goals and so is GSC. Unlike Fantasy Football games, there is no need to worry about a squad of players or how much they cost. No assists or clean sheet bonuses, just goals. Just pick one player every week. If they score, you score. It's as easy as that.

For more information about how the game works, please visit the How it works section.

If you have any questions about the game that are not answered on this web site, please email me admin@goalscorerchallenge.co.uk

How do I join?

Go to our Registration page and sign up. Easy as that! Make sure you register with a valid email address as you'll need to verify the email before you can start picking.