How it works

How it works

GoalScorer Challenge is a simple game. Every week you pick one player from the Premier League. The more goals that player scores, the better you do. But pick wisely, as you can only pick each player once.

It's a bit like Fantasy Football, but rather than picking a whole team of players every week you are just picking one. So you can put as much time and effort into it as you like.

The winner of Goalscorer Challenge 2021/22 will take away £500 courtesy of sponsors Football Web Pages.


Every gameweek you pick a Premier League footballer. The number of goals he scores during that gameweek is added to your total. You cannot pick that player again for the rest of the season. The person with the most goals at the end of the season is the winner.

There are three types of gameweeks:

Premier League - most weekends there will be a full round of fixtures comprising games on Saturday, Sunday and Monday. These will all be included. If there is a full round of fixtures during midweek (for example over the Christmas period) these will be counted as a separate gameweek.

International - on international gameweeks, you still have to pick a Premier League player. Any goals they score for their international side are added to your total. Only full internationals count, any underage matches are not included. International gameweeks will span three days and for 2021/22 there are eleven international weeks in total.

Cup - on FA Cup weekends, you are again limited to players playing for Premier League teams. The League Cup final will also be included as it will take place alongside a regular Premier League weekend.

Each player will only ever play once in each gameweek, the first game for which he is eligible. If, for example, a national team play twice over a weekend, the first game after the week's deadline will be the applicable fixture.

If your player doesn't play, whether it be due to injury, suspension or being left out, you have still used them up and cannot repick them for the duration of the season. If your player's game is postponed, you do not get to repick the player and any goals he scores in the rearranged fixture will not count. The onus is on you to make sure your pick is eligible, particularly on international weeks where some games can kick off before the deadline. But keep on eye on my twitter account as I'll try and help you out as much as I can.

You must ensure that you make your pick before the gameweek deadline for it to be included. This will usually be 12.15 on a Saturday, but may be earlier depending on what time games kick-off. If it is an international week, the deadline will vary so make sure you're familiar with the deadlines on the site. You can change your picks as many times as you like before the relevant gameweek's deadline

Official Premier League statistics will be used to decide on who has scored contentious goals in normal weeks (and FIFA for international weeks). Any changes made after a gameweek is published will not be reflected in GSC.


The overall winner of GSC 2021/22 will take £500 from sponsors Football Web Pages! Second place will take £100. If there is a tie at the end of the season, a tiebreak will be required in the last gameweek to decide the winner.

In addition, monthly winners will receive a free Premium Membership to Fantasy Football Scout. If there is a tie in the monthly scores, whoever's picks came from rarer selections will take the prize.

GSC prizes will be awarded at the discretion of the competition's organisers.